KCGI 2023 concluded successfully

See you next year!

Current competition







Users will compete in teams and grab a share of 50,000 USDT based on their team spot trading volume!

Registration requirements

1. Both captains and team members must have a minimum net value of 100 USDT in spot assets at the time of registration.
2. Each team must have at least five members (including the captain).
3. The formation of teams will be stopped 24 hours before the start of the competition, and teams with less than five members will be disbanded. If the captain or members of a disbanded team do not join another team before the end of registration, they will be randomly assigned to another team.
4. Users can only join one team and cannot leave the team after joining.
5. Sub-accounts will not be considered separate accounts for the competition. The trading volume of sub-accounts will not be included in the main account's total trading volume.
6. Market maker accounts are not eligible to participate in the competition.
7. Accounts that have engaged in API trading in the past are not eligible to participate in the competition.
8. Accounts that engage in API trading during the competition will be disqualified.
9. This trading competition is only open to eligible users, and in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements, the competition may not be available to certain regions or users. It is the user's responsibility to understand and comply with any restrictions and/or requirements in their country regarding access to and use of Bitget trading services.

Public and private teams

1. The captain can set the team to be public or private.
2. Public teams are open to the public, meaning anyone can join.
3. Private teams are not open to the public, meaning only users with an exclusive private key can join.

Prize distribution

1. Teams will be ranked based on their total spot trading volume. The top 10 teams can grab a share of the rewards.
2. Team rewards: (team's trading volume ÷ total trading volume of top ten teams) × 50,000 USDT.
3. A team can stand to win up to 50% of the total prize pool.
4. Team member rewards:
Within a team, the captain will receive 10% of the rewards, with the remaining rewards distributed according to trading volume rankings.
   1st place: 30% of the team's reward.
   2nd place: 20% of the team's reward.
   3rd place: 10% of the team's reward.
   4th–10th place: Share 30% of the team's reward based on their trading volumes (a single user can get up to 10%).

Winning requirements

1. Spot trading includes margin trading, spot bot trading (margin trades are calculated based on the margin amount), and Convert. Spot trading pairs do not include USDC/USDT, TUSD/USDT, DAI/USDT, CUSD/USDT, BUSD/USDT, CEUR/USDT, EURT/USDT, USDT/BRL, USDT/EUR, USDT/GBP, DAI/USDC, and other stablecoin pairs.
2. If multiple users have the same PnL, the user with the higher trading volume will be ranked higher.