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All you need to know about bot trading and bot copy trading

Trading bots
All you need to know about bot trading and bot copy trading

Bot trading

1. What is Bitget bot trading?
Bitget bot trading provides free services around the clock, 24/7 operation, strict implementation of trading bots, and catches every fluctuation in the 41400ecb-82a9-40a4-b45b-35a8b6fe2523. You can select and use high-quality AI bots recommended by Bitget or create your own bots manually.
Bitget currently supports grid bots, martingale bots, CTA bots, and auto-invest bots. More bots will be listed in the future to offer you a wide range of choices.
2. What are the advantages of bot trading?
  • Easy to use: You don't need much knowledge to start using trading bots as they will consider complex market signals, indicators, and algorithms for you, allowing new users to get started stress-free.
  • Seize opportunities: Bot trading helps you to open positions in markets that are difficult to navigate manually, saving you the hassle of monitoring the market.
  • Prevent emotiona l trading:Bots operate according to a specific set of rules that will significantly reduce the influence of emotions on decision-making.
  • Control risk: Bitget supports the use of sub-accounts for different bots to separate invested funds from the main account and improve the user experience.
3. Who are the targeted users for bot trading?
Everyone! Whether you're a new user or a quantitative trading expert, you can automate your trades in a simple, professional, and consistent manner with Bitget bot trading.
4. How to create a bot trading on Bitget platform?
Bitget bot trading has two different creation modes for users with different experiences: manual mode and AI mode.
  • Manual mode: Users set parameters based on their personal preferences and judgment of the market. This mode is mainly for investors with rich trading experience.
  • AI mode: Users select the investment amount and buying intervals from parameters recommended by the system based on personal risk preferences. AI mode is more suitable for beginners.
5. Advantages of Bitget AI bots
(1) Quick and hassle-free configuration
There is no need to worry about entering all of the necessary parameters by yourself. Simply select a preferred AI bot, and enter your investment amount to proceed, making it a lot easier for general users to get their hands on sophisticated trading bots.
(2) Higher reliability based on historical market data
The parameters recommended by AI bots are calculated based on market history and price volatility with Bitget's backend algorithm, a trustworthy and reliable reference for traders.
(3) Catering to different investment preferences
Bitget offers three different types of AI bots for different user portfolios and risk appetites: Conservative, Balanced, and Aggressive. The parameters recommended aim to closely match the user's risk appetite.
6. Are Bitget AI bots reliable?
Bitget leverages the power of AI to simplify the complex and knowledge-intensive product of bot trading. Our AI bots take into account security, stability, and concurrency when processing data. Additionally, we leverage our extensive experience in model training to ensure that we provide our users with efficient and reliable service.
  • Security: Our AI bots utilize advanced encryption techniques and security protocols to ensure data security during transmission and storage. We also conduct regular security audits and vulnerability scans of our systems to prevent potential risks.
  • Stability: Our system is designed with a high availability architecture to ensure stable operation even during intensive data processing. Furthermore, we conduct regular stress tests and performance optimizations to handle the growing volume of data.
  • Concurrency: To cope with the simultaneous usage of AI bots by a large number of investors, we utilize distributed computing and load-balancing technologies to enhance the system’s concurrent processing capability.
  • Extensive model training experience: Bitget's AI trading bots are trained on a vast amount of historical data, enabling them to better understand market changes and make appropriate decisions.

Bot copy trading

1. What is bot copy trading?
Bitget bot copy trading allows everyone to publish a bot to the pool to earn income from the sales, and everyone can also copy or buy bots provided by others for free to earn income from bot trading.
Beginners can purchase bots with high PnL or subscribe to a strategist to copy all their trades for free without the need to understand complex trading parameters — a great way to earn passive income.
2. What are the advantages of bot copy trading?
  • User-friendly: Simply select the bot type and investment amount when copying trades — no need to figure out complicated parameters.
  • Managed investments: In contrast to futures and spot copy trading, bot copy trading requires an initial fee. Users only need to pay the cost of a single bot's purchase or the subscription fee for strategists. It is a one-time payment, and any profits generated are not required to be shared with others.
  • Controlled risks: Users can set up a TP/SL when following strategists to control risk and take profits.
  • Copy trading made easy: When a strategist creates a bot, the system automatically generates an identical bot for the user with the same parameters. Similarly, if the strategist ends a bot, the corresponding bot for the user will also be terminated. No need for manual operation.
3. What services are provided by bot copy trading?
Buying and selling bots: Everyone can publish a bot to the pool to set a selling price for the bot (0–50 USDT) or buy bots with high PnL provided by others to copy their bot parameters with just one click.
How to buy
Head to Bot Copy Trading > Bots > click the Bot you want to buy > Make Payment (skip this step if the bot is for free) > Bot Trading > Enter Investment Amount (other parameters will be automatically populated) > Create an Order. Now all is set and you can start bot trading right away.
NOTE: *Bots will be valid permanently after purchase. You can use the bot immediately or run it whenever you want. You can view all the bots you have purchased on the My Bots page.
Subscribe to strategists: You can subscribe to the platform's elite strategists and pay a subscription fee for 30 days (0-300 USDT). During the valid subscription period, you can copy all the bots of the strategist for free.
How to subscribe?
Select the Strategist you want to follow > Pay for the subscription (skip this step if the bot is free) > Go to the Subscription settings page > Edit the Auto-Copy settings > Start copying the bot.
Note: * During the subscription period, users can copy all bots created by the strategist. After subscribing to strategist, you can choose whether to enable auto-copy. Go to the Auto-Copy Settings page to configure the trading pair, the auto-copy investment amount and the type of termination for the bot. You can decide whether to enable the auto-copy option or not. If auto-copy is disabled, you can also manually copy all the bots created by the strategist.
4. How to find your preferred bots or strategists?
  • You can view existing high-yield bots or well-performed strategists on the Bitget Bot Copy Trading homepage:
  • If you want to buy a particular bot, you can view the Recommended section under “Bots”, or pick the best-performing bots by checking the rankings under Bot PnL, RIO, Sold or Price. Alternatively, you can also filter out your preferred bot by selecting Bot Type, Direction, Coins or Runtime in Settings.
  • If you want to subscribe to a strategist, then you can click on Strategist tab, and check the rankings under Recommended, Bot PnL, Subscribers, Subscriber PnL and Subscription Fee to pick your preferred strategist.
  • You can also click on the bo t price or strategist subscription fee to view more details on the individual bot purchase homepage or strategist homepage to help you determine whether you want to buy or subscribe to the bot based on the profit trend of the Bot or the Strategist.
Thank you for your continued support! We are dedicated to providing the best products and services.