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Bitget ST rules

Global Bitgetters,

Bitget is launching a set of special treatment (ST) rules to ensure user trading security and experience, token liquidity. Bitget will mark “ST” on certain tokens on the platform based on these rules.

Tokens will bear an ST mark if:

1. Tokens with poor depth that maintain low liquidity for a prolonged period.

2. Tokens with highly volatile prices (significant price drops in a short period of time time).

3. Tokens with a low trading volume.

4. Tokens with dissolving project teams.

5. Tokens from projects that are no longer developed nor maintained.

6. Tokens that have been found to be exhibiting inappropriate behavior meant to deceive users.

7. Tokens with bankrupted project teams or are suspected of being bankrupted.

8. Tokens with project teams that are suspected of violating any applicable laws and regulations.

9. Tokens that are found to have made serious violations by Bitget.

For ST-marked projects, users are advised to treat/handle them carefully and optimize their trading strategies. Bitget will also observe and review these projects closely. The following tokens will be delisted:

ST-marked tokens that haven’t improved after a 30-day observation period.

Tokens that trigger the ST rules for the fourth time.

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