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Aethir Opens Season 1 Aethir Cloud Drop Claims | Cryptocurrency Trends

John, Bitget Research
Aethir Opens Season 1 Aethir Cloud Drop Claims | Cryptocurrency Trends

1. Mainstream Exchange Trends:

  • The OKX buyback and burn wallet receives 5.73 million OKB ($259 million) in the past two hours.
  • OKX plans to gradually phase out XRP, LTC, and USDT-M delivery futures in the near future.

2. Cryptocurrency Trends:

  • Stablecoin issuer Paxos announces it has laid off about 20% of its staff, or 65 people.
  • U.S. President Joe Biden's campaign team is in discussions with crypto industry insiders about accepting crypto donations through Coinbase Commerce.
  • Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, in his remarks, says no one was making rate hikes a basic expectation.
  • The Fed's dot plot shows a 25 basis point rate cut in 2024 (estimated at 75 basis points in March).
  • CryptoQuant releases data on social media indicating that BTC whale addresses have once again accumulated over 20,000 BTC at lower prices, taking advantage of yesterday's Bitcoin pullback and accumulating a larger amount of BTC.
  • MetaMask developer Consensys launches a pool for MetaMask, enabling users to stake any amount of ETH to contribute to Ethereum network security and earn validator rewards.
  • Aethir, a decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure, opens Aethir Cloud Drop (Season 1) claims today at 5:00 PM.

3. Financing Trends:

  • Layer3, a token distribution protocol, raises $15 million in Series A funding co-led by ParaFi and Greenfield Capital.
  • Eigen Labs announces the acquisition of Rio Network, a liquid restaking network.
  • Kima, a payments startup, raises $5 million in pre-seed equity and token funding.

4. Regulatory Trends:

  • Terraform Labs agrees to pay $4.47 billion in a case with the SEC.
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