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Spot Martingale FAQ

Answers to common questions about Spot Martingale

1. I can't create grid trading bots. What went wrong?

You have reached the maximum number of bots allowed. Users can enable up to 50 bots for each grid bot type.

Your spot account has insufficient available balance. You cannot use frozen assets to open orders if you have pending orders in your spot account. If this is the issue you are facing, you can cancel your pending spot orders and release frozen assets. Alternatively, you can change the grid parameters, e.g., reducing the number of grids so that the order amount is less than the available balance.

2. How will my funds be invested after I create the bots?

The invested funds will be separated from your trading accounts and used exclusively for grid bot strategies. Users should to be aware of the risks of their overall positions in the trading account after funds are transferred out.

3. Which trading pairs are suitable for grid trading bots?

If you are new to trading, select popular trading pairs with high liquidity, like BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT. If you are an experienced trader who knows how grid trading works, you could consider trading pairs with high volatility to earn higher profits. Keep in mind that the potential for high profits also comes with higher risk.

4. What are the transaction fees for Spot Martingale?

The transaction fees for grid trading bots are the same as spot trading. Check theBitget Fee Schedule for more details.

5. How will my profits be settled if I cancel a grid order?

Your profits will be settled based on the current marke t price.

6. What is the quote currency and base currency?

The base currency is the asset being traded, and the quote currency is the currency used to determine the value of the base currency. They are usually distinguished by a slash (/). For example, in the BTC/USDT trading pair, BTC is the base currency and USDT is the quote currency. Profits made in Spot Martingale are based on the quote currency. You will earn USDT with the BTC/USDT spot trading pair.

7. What do the different grid statuses mean?

To be triggered: The grid bot has been created and has yet to be activated.

Operating: The grid bot has been put into operation.

Expired: The grid bot has been stopped.

Cancelled: The grid bot has been manually stopped.

8. Why have my grid trading bots been stopped?

You accidentally cancelled the grid trading order on the spot trading page.

Your take-profit or stop-loss price was triggered.

The trading pair has been delisted. The system cancelled open orders and stopped the bot.

The maximum order limit has been reached because you placed an order on the Spot Martingale page.

There is insufficient balance in your futures account. The bot failed to place orders and stopped.

9. What is the advantage of using the AI strategy mode?

In the AI mode, there are three types of trading styles for users to choose from: Aggressive, Secure, or Conservative. Users can select the style that aligns with their needs without having to input various different parameters. Note that the recommended parameters are based on market history and asset volatility, and are calculated using Bitget's backend algorithm. This algorithm is highly reliable and can be used as a trustworthy reference for traders.


1. Non-principal-guaranteed feature: Users should be aware that the Martingale product is not principal-guaranteed and will incur losses in the event of an extremely one-sided market condition.

2. Risk of trading accounts: Invested funds will be separated from the trading account. Be aware of the risk of liquidation caused by changes in asset value in the trading account.

3. Abnormal event: If a coin experiences an unpredictable or unusual event such as suspension or delisting, the bots will be stopped automatically.

Risk warning: It is recommended that you make informed decisions after carefully reading the description of the Bitget Martingale product in full and making a reasonable assessment of your risk appetite.


Spot Martingale is a transaction tool. The abovementioned information should not be considered financial or investment advice from Bitget. Profits from Spot Martingale may be impacted by one-sided market conditions or improper price intervals. You can adjust your Spot Martingale bots according to market conditions.

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