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Trading bot weekly news (July 17 – July 23)

Bitget trading bot weekly news

1. New listings

New futures trading bot pair: AGLDUSDT.


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2. Updates

July 17, 2023: CTA bots launched on the Bitget website.

July 20, 2023: User interaction logic for bot trading on the Asset page has been optimized.

Bitget is offering two new quantitative trading bots:spot CTA and futures CTA. In order to lower the threshold for average users to use sophisticated trading bots, Bitget's CTA-AI bot backtests recent historical data to find the optimal parameters for the bot to adapt to the markets.

Bitget's CTA bot currently supports the following indexes:

• MACD: Tracks the MACD indicator in real time. Makes purchases when a golden cross develops and sells when a death cross comes into existence. Used when the market changes at a rather slow pace.

• Bollinger bands: Combined with the moving average. Goes short when the price crosses above the upper band and goes long when the price crosses below the lower band. Suitable for flat and oscillating markets.

3. Top promotions

Auto-invest rewards, grab a share of 20,000 USDT in crypto vouchers

Promotion period: July 20, 6:00 PM – July 27, 6:00 PM (UTC+8)

Activity 1: 5 USDT in crypto vouchers for new users who create an auto-invest bot

Activity 2: Invest to earn up to 50 USDT in crypto vouchers!

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4. Leaderboard

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