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Subscribe or invite friends to Bitget Wealth Management, and earn commissions of up to 15%!

Subscribe or invite friends to Bitget Wealth Management, and earn commissions of up to 15%! image 0

We deeply appreciate your unwavering support and trust. Your participation and patronage are key factors in our success, and we sincerely appreciate your contribution.

To show our appreciation for your support, we've launched a special promotion: during this period, when you subscribe to Bitget Wealth Management or invite friends, you'll not only benefit from your Wealth Management returns but also receive commissions based on your and your friends' earnings. The promotion offers an impressive commission of up to 15%!

Promotion period: Mar 6 - May 1, 2024 (UTC+8)

Subscription link:

>>> Subscribe to Wealth Management <<<

Commission rewards

Subscribe or invite friends to Bitget Wealth Management, and earn commissions of up to 15%! image 1

After clicking Join Now during the promotion period, Bitget will issue commission rewards to you based on specific criteria. You can earn commission rewards from the following:

  • Your personal Wealth Management subscriptions.

  • Your referrals Wealth Management subscriptions.

Commission rates

The commission rate for each user's product earnings is determined based on their net deposit assets during the promotion period. The rules are as follows:

Net deposit (USD)

Earnings commission rate

< 50,000 USDT


50,000 - 200,000 USDT


> 200,000 USDT


Net deposit assets

  • Net Deposit Assets = Total Deposits - Total Withdrawals - Total Internal Transfers - Total Red Packets

  • Calculation period: From the beginning of the promotion until the time of commission settlement.

Commission distribution

  • Bitget Wealth Management undergoes settlement and profit distribution on the 1st day of each month.

  • Commissions will be distributed within 5 days after each monthly product settlement.

  • Two settlement periods are scheduled during the promotion: on April 1 and May 1, corresponding to two commission distributions.

Example: You or one of your referrals subscribe to Bitget Wealth Management products with a 10% APR settlement in April.

  • You subscribe to 200,000 USDT for Wealth Management products, with a net deposit of 300,000 USDT in March and April. The commission rate is 15%.

  • Commission on your subscription: 200,000 * 31 ÷ 365 * 10% * 15% = 254.79 USDT

  • Your referral friend subscribes to Wealth Management products in the amount of 200,000 USDT, with a net deposit of 100,000 USDT in April. Therefore, the commission rate is 10%.

  • Commission on referral subscription: 200,000 × 31 ÷ 365 × 10% × 10% = 169.86 USDT

In summary, your commission for April's settlement is (Commission on your subscription + Commission on referral subscription) = 254.79 + 169.86 = 424.65 USDT.

How to Subscribe:

Site Navigation: Navigation Bar > Earn > Wealth Management, then select your preferred product.

App Navigation: Home > More > Wealth Management, then select your preferred product. (Please update Bitget APP to latest version.)

Terms and conditions:

  1. To be eligible for the commission, either you or your referral friends must subscribe to Bitget Wealth Management products during the promotion period.

  1. Bitget Wealth Management products distribute interest on a monthly basis, and the commission will be distributed within one week after the settlement of the monthly earnings, directly to your spot account.

  1. To verify the validity of the relationship between you and your friends, your friends must register using your invitation link. Successful registration is the sole requirement, with no time restrictions.

  1. This is a one-time promotion, exclusive to Bitget Wealth Management products. It operates independently of other commission-related promotions on the platform. If the commission activity is extended beyond the expiration date, a separate notification will be issued.

  1. Bitget reserves the right to the final interpretation of this promotion and has the authority to address fraudulent behaviors by participating users. This includes, but is not limited to, fake transactions and the use of multiple accounts under the same IP address.

Learn more about Wealth Management:


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Thank you for your interest in Bitget products!