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Deposit to List: REACH (REACH) - Deposit and Share 100,000 REACH Rewards!

Greetings from Bitget! We are excited to announce another Deposit to List Campaign with the featured project: REACH (REACH)! Show your support by depositing $REACH and not only will you be supporting $REACH’s listing on Bitget, you’ll also be entitled to share from a massive prize pool of 100,000 $REACH! Read on for more details:

Deposit time: February 29, 7:00 (UTC)

Withdrawal Period: February 29, 11:00 – March 7, 11:00 (UTC)

Campaign Period: February 29, 11:00 – March 7, 11:00 (UTC)

Deposit and Earn - 100,000 REACH Rewards

Default Prize

Users whose $REACH *Net deposit amount reach 500 will be able to receive 100 $REACH, rewards are only for the first 1,000 participants on a first come first served basis.


/Reach is a simplified, automated, permissionless protocol for quality engagement rewarding, enabling anyone to amplify their key pieces of content/communications by leveraging the /Reach audience.

Contract Address (ERC-20): 0x8B12BD54CA9B2311960057C8F3C88013e79316E3

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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Rewards will be distributed to the winner's spot account within seven working days after the end of the promotion.

  2. Withdrawal feature is accessible during the promotion period. If the listing is successful, the withdrawal feature will be closed temporarily and re-opened 24 hours after the trading is open.

  3. All participants must strictly comply with Bitget's terms and conditions.

  4. In case of cheating or using multiple accounts for rewards or other illegal behavior, Bitget reserves the right to disqualify the users involved and forfeit their rewards.

  5. Bitget reserves the right to amend or revise the terms of this event or cancel this event at any time and for any reasons without prior notice at its sole discretion.

  6. Bitget reserves the right of final decision regarding this event. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.


Cryptocurrencies are subjected to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users are strongly advised to do their research and invest at their own risk.

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