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How to deposit RUB on Bitget?

Below is a complete guide to depositing RUB effortlessly on Bitget via bank deposit. By following these simple steps, you can fund your account securely and enable seamless cryptocurrency trading. Let's get started!
Step 1: Navigate to Buy crypto, then hover your mouse over the Pay with section to browse the fiat currency menu. Select RUB and click on Bank deposit.
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Step 2: Complete the identity verification process and bind an email.

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Step 3: When you proceed with your deposit, please note that the amount of USDT you are depositing will be converted at a floating rate and reflected in your Bitget account.
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Step 4: You can complete the payment within the validity period. Follow the bank payment instructions provided to transfer RUB, and use the ' Completed' button once the transfer is complete.
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Step 5: Once your deposit is credited, we'll notify you via email and site message. You can also check the status of your funds on the Asset page or by scrolling down on the deposit page.
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1. What is the deposit limit of RUB via bank transfer on Bitget?
Minimum order: 1000 RUB
Maximum order: 140,000 RUB
There is no daily/monthly deposit limit
2. Why haven't I received the USDT after making a RUB deposit?
If you received a "successful" prompt after making a deposit but have not received the USDT, please contact your local bank for the transaction status or reach out to the Ad Group for support:
3. How long is the payment validity period and how many orders can I place?
Due to restrictions, only one order can be placed and the validity period is 20 minutes. Please complete the bank transfer within 20 minutes.