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TAIKOUSDT is Now Available on Futures

Bitget launched TAIKOUSDT futures on June 12, 2024 (UTC) with a maximum leverage of 25x.

Welcome to try futures trading via our official website ( or Bitget APP.

TAIKOUSDT-M perpetual futures:
Parameters Details
Listing time June 12, 2024 14:00 (UTC)
Underlying asset TAIKO
Settlement asset USDT
Tick size 0.0001
Maximum leverage 25x
Funding fee settlement frequency Every eight hours
Trading time 7*24
Depending on market risk conditions, Bitget may adjust the parameters from time to time, which may include the tick size, maximum leverage, and maintenance margin rate.


Bitget’s futures include: USDT-Ⓜ️ Futures, Coin-Ⓜ️ Futures and USDC-Ⓜ️ Futures.

USDT-Ⓜ️ Futures - Trade using USDT for all pairs. You can choose USDT to trade multiple currency pairs at the same time, in which multiple futures share the same account equity, profit, loss and risks.

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