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Bitget Sub Account | Multiple Account Management & FAQ

Dear Global Bitgetters,

Effortlessly manage multiple accounts with Bitget Sub Accounts. Explore our comprehensive FAQ to learn everything about Bitget's Sub Account feature and optimize your trading experience. Bitget's detailed introduction to "Sub-accounts Management" is as follows.

What is a sub-account?

Sub-accounts allow you to manage smaller standalone Bitget accounts nested under a single main account. Sub-accounts are useful for isolating positions, assets, or access.

How to create a sub-account?

1. Click [Profile] - [Account Information].


2. Click [Sub-account] - [Create sub-account].



3. Enter your sub-account's email address, create a password, key in notes (optional) and click [Confirm].



  • Please note that you need to verify your sub-account email address;
  • Each Bitget main account can support up to 20 sub-accounts.

4. Once the sub-account is successfully created, it can be viewed in the "Sub-account management" list, where you can manage your account permissions.



How to manage sub-account permissions?

1. Sub-account Asset: You can check the balance of all sub-accounts, either in the value of BTC, USDT or a fiat currency. Simply click [Transfer in] or [Transfer out] to instantly transfer assets between the main account and sub-accounts without any fees.


2. Sub-account Order: You can check [Open Orders], [Order History] and [Trading Details] of all your sub-accounts. You can also filter orders by order types, dates and trading pairs.


3. API Management: To create a sub-account API KEY, go to [API Management] and click [Create new API]. You can also edit the sub-account API permissions here. Simply click [Edit] to edit.


4. Transfer Record: You can check the fund transfer history for all sub-accounts. You can filter records by direction ([Transfer in] or [Transfer out]), coin and dates.


5. Login History: You can check all login details of sub-accounts, e.g., logged-in device, IP address, location and date.


6. Operation History: You can check the actions that have been done on the respective sub-accounts, e.g., freeze, unfreeze, set permissions, etc.



1. Can I withdraw assets from my sub-account?

You are not allowed to withdraw assets from the sub-account directly. Withdrawals are only possible after moving assets from sub-accounts to their main accounts. Asset transfers between sub-accounts and third-party accounts are not supported now.

2. Can I transfer assets from one sub-account to another sub-account?

Yes, you can use your main account to transfer assets between sub-accounts. But, the sub-account itself cannot perform such internal transfer.

3. Can the sub-account receive the transaction fees commission from the referral program?

The referral program commission of all sub-accounts will be rebated to the main account of the referrer.

4. Can the sub-account become a trader or a copier for copy trade?

Sub-accounts are eligible to become both the trader and the copier for copy trade.

Note: You need to log out of the main account and log in to the sub-account before applying for a sub-account to become a copy trader.

5. Does the sub-account require KYC verification?

The main account and all sub-accounts share the same identity verification. Therefore, you do not need to submit KYC again if the main account has already done so.

6. Can the sub-account create the API Key on its own?

Yes, sub-account can create the API Key on its own.

7. Can the sub-account bind with Google two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Yes, it can. We highly recommend enabling Google two-factor authentication (2FA) on your sub-accounts for security reasons.

Note: You need to log out of the main account and log in to the sub-account to enable Google two-factor authentication (2FA) for the sub-account.

8. Are all sub-accounts entitled to the same transaction fee discount as the main account?

Your VIP tier will be defined by the aggregate trading volume of the main account and the corresponding sub-accounts, enabling you to trade with even more favorable fees.

9. Will the trading volume of the sub-accounts be included or counted in the event participation?

For event participation, the total valid trading volume will be calculated based on the cumulative trading volume of the main account and the corresponding sub-accounts.

10. Can the sub-account receive relevant notifications?

All notifications, such as login, liquidation and other notifications, will be sent to the registered email of the sub-account. Nevertheless, the main account can choose whether to receive sub-account notifications or not (limited to email notifications only).

11. Can the sub-account complete the tasks in the "Rewards Center" and redeem the rewards?

Sub-accounts cannot access the "Rewards Center". The reward can only be redeemed by the main account.

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