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Bitget's AI-driven trading bots are making trading smarter!

Main takeaways

- AI bots can greatly simplify the use of advanced strategies for general users.

- The parameters recommended by the AI bots are calculated based on market history and price volatility with Bitget's backend algorithm, an authoritative and reliable reference to help maximize trader profits.

- AI bots provide many different types of parameter settings that meet the investment needs of different users.

1. Bitget's trading bots are AI-driven

Top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform Bitget has recently launched its CTA-AI bot product. The new bot is part of Bitget's quantitative investment strategy service designed to provide beginners to the crypto space with convenient and advanced investment strategies powered by artificial intelligence. At present, Bitget offers AI bots for spot grid, futures grid, spot Martingale, futures Martingale, spot CTA, and futures CTA trading.

It's no easy task for the standard trader to create or run successful quantitative trading bots, as this endeavor requires not only thorough research into the pros and cons of various investment strategies but also complex parameter configurations. Some seemingly trivial parameters are often critical to the success of a bot. This becomes a great challenge for general users wishing to engage in bot trading.

As a leading crypto trading platform, Bitget is the first to introduce an AI bot system to help users create bots with more reliable parameters and maximize their profits. The launch of these AI bots is a testament to Bitget's commitment to providing users with smarter and more convenient trading instruments, thereby opening up new opportunities for different groups of users to trade crypto and explore the crypto space.

2. Benefits of AI bots:

(1) Quick and hassle-free configuration

To simplify the use of professional and sophisticated trading bots for general users, Bitget's AI bots provide a variety of intelligent parameter sets for users to choose from, so they no longer need to worry about entering all of the necessary parameters by themselves. The user simply selects a preferred AI bot, then enters the investment amount to proceed.

(2) Higher reliability based on historical market data

Compared with recommendations generated by traditional systems, the parameters recommended by AI bots are calculated based on a market's history and price volatility with Bitget's backend algorithm, a trustworthy and reliable reference for traders.

(3) Catering to different investment preferences

Bitget offers three different types of AI bots for different user portfolios and risk appetites: Conservative, Balanced, and Aggressive. The parameters recommended aim to closely match the user's risk appetite.

  • The conservative AI bot places fewer buy orders with a wider spread between orders. It takes a more cautious approach, and is suitable for hedging against extreme market conditions.

  • The aggressive AI bot places more buy orders with a smaller spread between buy orders, aiming to trade frequently to pocket more profits from more transactions. The profit from one transaction might be smaller, but will gradually pile up in the long run.

  • The balanced AI bot falls between the conservative and aggressive bots in terms of risk appetite, aggressiveness, and performance.

AI helps us simplify products that used to be complex and skill-demanding. With Bitget AI trading bots, each and every user can embrace crypto in a safe and convenient manner. We will continue to explore new ways to integrate AI into our products and services to enhance the trading experience for our users.

3. How do I trade with AI bots?

Enter the bot trading page, select the specific bot type, then select the AI bot mode. You can select the corresponding bot recommendation card according to the 30-Day APY, Users, or other aspects. Use the Select button to view the details, then fill in the Investment Amount to complete quick creation.

Choosing an AI spot grid bot on the website

  1. Log in to your Bitget account and select Trading Bots in the Trade dropdown from the top navigation.

Bitget's AI-driven trading bots are making trading smarter! image 0

  1. Next, choose Spot Grid, then select AI mode. You can select from the recommended bots according to the 30-Day APY, Users, and other aspects.

Bitget's AI-driven trading bots are making trading smarter! image 1

  1. Use the Select button to view the details, then fill in the Investment Amount and click Create an Order to start running the bot.

Bitget's AI-driven trading bots are making trading smarter! image 2

Note: For detailed operation guides, refer to the Spot Grid Tutorial, Futures Grid Tutorial, Spot Martingale Tutorial, and Futures Martingale Tutorial.


Cryptocurrencies are subject to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users should conduct their own research and invest at their own discretion. Bitget shall not be liable for any investment losses.

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