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Video guide: What to do when meeting a P2P order dispute?

What to do in an order dispute when buying Crypto through Bitget P2P? What should you do when time is running out and your order is still pending? Check this guide video and learn how to "File an appeal" when you meet a P2P order dispute.
Once you have raised an appeal, our customer support executive will enter the P2P chat with users and merchants, verify and make a decision after communicating with both parties.
Here are some notes when meeting a P2P order dispute:
1. Never release USDT without confirming the reception of payment in the banking app by yourself.
2. If a merchant insists you to release crypto without transferring money, you should file an appeal.
3. Bitget customer support will never ask you to release USDT without receiving payment for any reason.
4. Do not fall for scammers who reach out to you as Bitget customer support outside of official channels.